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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rugged and Relentless by Kelly Eileen Hake

Rugged and Relentless by Kelly Eileen Hake

Goodreads Summery: Roll into Hopesfall, Colorado, where three women are seeking mates to help them establish a sawmill. Evelyn Thompson never dreamed their husbands-for-hire ad would bring so many bachelors to their tiny town. How will she ever figure out which feller to choose? Jacob Granger, a logger-turned-bounty hunter, is hot on the trail of his brother’s killer. When a clue leads him to Hopesfall, he has no choice but to pretend to court Miss Thompson while waiting for the killer to show his hand. Will Jacob’s unexpected adoration of this sweet cook prompt him to speak vows before getting vengeance?

This is the kind of book that makes a great movie! The characters where well developed and the plot was solid. The book opens with Cora Thompson grieving the death of her fiancé. Evie is her older sister who is a chef at a local café. Lacey is Cora’s fiancé’s sister and Naomi is Lacey’s close friend.  With Cora’s fiancé dead they are out a great deal of money because he was out in Colorado getting a mining company going. Lacey comes up with a new plan head to the now ghost town and get a logging company going. In order to do this they will need husbands and Lacey has the brilliant idea of hiring husbands. Jacob is after vengeance after the death of his brother and he is on the hunt for his killer.
This is the first book in the series and focuses on Evie(Evelyn). It was a wonderful book I loved it I look forward to reading about the other ladies and who they will end up with. 

This book will be released on March 1st 2011 and I highly recommend you grab it!

The steamy scale is a 1.

I received this Ebook for free through NetGalley for this review.

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  1. Thanks for the review! I also have a copy of this from NetGalley, looking forward to reading it now :)


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